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frankie stocking stuffers - neil smith

by Sophie Kalagas

As frankie's creative director, Neil Smith has an eye for finding and making pretty things, so it goes without saying that his Christmas wishlist is chock full of rather nice-looking bits indeed. To check out what he's asked Santa for (or the office Kris Kringle elves, at least), have a gander below.

neil stocking stuffers big

1. Surely this Vintage Roadster from Reid Cycles would be more comfortable than a rush hour tram. This is how I'd like to commute to and from the frankie press office in 2016.

2. This Boba Fett backpack is super-cool and designed to accommodate all my work and leisure needs. I've secretly always dreamed of being the most notorious
bounty hunter in the galaxy, too.

3. This stylish lamp will look great on any desk or bedside table. Perfect for late night readings of frankie and Smith Journal.

4. White oak charred inside (the same manufacturing methods used for whiskey barrels), this tumbler is as close as I will get to drinking whiskey straight out
of the cask.

5. Just when you think you've seen every iteration of Chuck Taylor high tops, these are a game changer. I love the field jacket styling, olive tone, and the concealed pocket detailing could come in handy.

6. Yotam Ottolenghi and Ramael Scully's Nopi would give me a chance to reminisce and (try to) recreate some memorable meals from one of my favourite restaurants.

7. Considered to be the original eau de cologne, I love this beautiful packaging (apparently unchanged since 1820) and timeless fresh classic fragrance.

8. Fashion shouldn't end at the ankles. I love colourful socks and these will make a statement and stop traffic (especially when on the Vintage Roadster).

9. Sometimes the best pressie is the opportunity to give to someone else, and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre's Christmas Appeal is a super-worthy cause.

10. I love anything Virginie Morgand turns her hand to and would love one (or all) of her screen prints to hang within my humble abode. Her use of bright colours to create vibrant images full of life and energy is pretty great.

11. Sometimes I just need to zone out from home distractions, sit back and listen to Neil Young's Tonight's the Night in its entirety.

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