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how to do yayoi kusama-inspired make-up

how to do yayoi kusama-inspired make-up


There's nothing wrong with treating your mug like a canvas.

Has iso got you going a bit dotty? What better way to represent this than with a spotty make-up look inspired by the princess of polka dots herself: Yayoi Kusama. The artist is rarely seen without her trademark red lippy, and though she might not wear spots on her face, there's nothing stopping you from treating your mug like one of her canvases. This look involves a range of colours, but if you're short on eyeshadow, you can opt for one shade like Eishi has done here


Variety of make-up brushes (make sure you have some small, thin brushes for the dots)
Your choice of base make-up (I've used foundation and powder)
Eyeshadow primer
Purple, pink, green, blue, and yellow/gold eyeshadows
Black and white liquid liners
Warm-toned blush
Red lipstick

1. Start with a clean and moisturised face. Apply your base make-up (I used a medium-coverage, long-wearing matte foundation and set it with powder). Then fill in your brows. I've filled mine in with blue eyeshadow to match my hair.2. Prime your lids first, then apply bright green eyeshadow from the crease of your eyelid right up to the eyebrow. I used a fluffy brush and then pressed on extra shadow with my finger to build up the colour.
3. Using a small eyeshadow brush, add blue shadow to the crease and gently blend into the green.4. Use a hot pink shadow on your lid. I used my finger to press the shadow in, and a small brush to create a clean, soft line between the pink and blue.5. Press a bright yellow-gold shadow into the inner corner of your eye, using a small brush to create a circular shape. Using the same colour, drag the brush slightly upwards from the outer corner of your eye to create a line.
6. Using a black liquid liner, create a wavy eyeliner look. You can add mascara and leave the look here if you'd like.7. To make it a little more Yayoi Kusama-esque, add some extra dots using the black eyeliner. You can then use a white liner to add dots of varying sizes. Don't be afraid to add some to your eyebrows.
8. Use a warm-toned blush and add highlights to the high points of your cheeks.9. Apply mascara to your lashes.10. Add a bright red lip and you're all done!See more from Eishi over on Instagram @eishib.