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we're holding a free webinar on investing (and how to do it mindfully)

we're holding a free webinar on investing (and how to do it mindfully)


Want to learn more about making a positive impact with your hard-earned money? We’re hosting a mindful investing webinar that’ll help.

In the same way we try to practice mindfulness in our everyday lives, a similar perspective can be applied to where we stash our cash. Mindful investing is thinking about where your money goes and what impact that has on the world and society. It’s about making conscious financial decisions that reflect your personal values.

The kind of businesses you choose to invest your moolah into can have a big impact on the environment, social justice and even gender equality and inclusion. If you want to learn more about what ethical investing is, how to start investing mindfully and some ideas on next steps to take, you’ll get a lot out of this panel discussion we’re hosting on Zoom.

You’ll hear from Christina Hobbs, Co-founder and CEO of Verve Super (Australia’s first ethical super fund for women, by women) and Will van de Pol from Market Forces, an organisation that aims to shift banks and super funds from investing in activities that harm the environment.

We’ll cover:
• What is ethical investing (plus divestment and impact investing)
• How to avoid “greenwashing”
• Investing in line with your values
• What’s next in ethical investing

You’ll walk away from this panel discussion empowered with knowledge of what ethical investing is, what you need to do to prepare yourself to start investing ethically and some ideas of next steps to take with your money.

Emily Naismith from frankie magazine will host the live Zoom webinar. Tickets are limited, so jump on over here to score yourself one.

WHEN: 6-7.30pm, Thursday July 8th

WHERE: Zoom. Register here.


We’ll see you there!

*Please note, the information provided at this event is general information only, which means we won’t be taking into account your personal situation. Consider getting in touch with a financial adviser if you need some help addressing your specific financial needs.

This webinar is brought to you in partnership with our friends at Verve Super, Australia’s first ethical super fund, for women, by women. To find out more or sign up for their online financial coaching and events head to