long lists: christmas tree alternatives

by danielle altamura

Even though it's only once a year, if you're living in cramped quarters the very idea of surrendering valuable floor space for something as extravagant as a Christmas tree might be a little daunting. But this just won't do! Because how will Santa know where to place your goodies this year if he can't find your greenery? We know you've been good all year, so don't let yourself miss out now.

Time to work some DIY magic and whip up the perfect Christmas tree alternative to suit any home, big or small, and just in time for Santa's visit.


1. We colour block most things in our househald: books, plates, vintage dresses, so why not use that pre-organised hue selections and make one of these trees?

2. Stop dreaming of a seaside Christmas and bring the beach to your home with a simple and striking driftwood and twine tree to hang on your wall.


3. If you’re already planning some holiday renovations, don’t let that old ladder spoil your Christmas photos. Just remember to take the lights back down before you return it to its original purpose.

4. In particular need of floor room in your tiny abode? Hang your gifts from the tree instead and save on space.


5. Get those books off the shelves where they have been gathering dust all year and prop them up into a tree fit for the most dedicated of bookworms.

6. They might not last the whole festive season, but a tree of balloons will seem magical floating above your gifts on Christmas day.

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