tunesday - hot chip interview

3:00pm Tuesday, 28 Apr.

With a new album called Why Make Sense? out next month, we should have expected that an interview with Hot Chip would be a slightly mind-boggling experience.

Any green-thumbed folk want to learn how to whip up a bowl-bound landscape of your own?

kitchen ghosts

3:00pm Monday, 27 Apr.

Don't be fooled: Kitchen Ghosts has nothing to do with pesky spirits whose main intention is to sink your sponge cakes, fill your sugar bowls with salt and set off your smoke detectors.

Monday mornings and a hot cup of joe are a match made in wintry, caffeine-fuelled heaven – if you don't believe us, take a peek at the number of coffee cups scattered on our desks already.

the dog bark park inn

3:00pm Sunday, 26 Apr.

A HOTEL. IN THE SHAPE OF A DOG. Take that, Old Lady Who Lives in a Shoe.

the raisin did it

9:00am Sunday, 26 Apr.

We're particularly taken with this handmade label, who make sweet duds for kids - and a range for grown-ups too.

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