2014 frankie diary and calendar pre-order

by the frankie team

At the risk of sounding trite, can you believe we're halfway through August already? It's about that time when we pack away our woollens for the year, and start baring our ankles and snapping pictures of cherry blossoms. Hello spring, so nice to see you again!

It's also that wonderful time when the 2014 frankie diaries and calendars are available for pre-order, and they've just been popped in our shop, ready for you to stake your claim. Last year they flew off the digital and real-life shelves in an awful hurry, so if you're keen to add some daily frankiness to your life in 2014, we recommend popping in a pre-order nice and early.

Offering up a whole year of loveliness to coo over, the frankie calendar features artwork from Beci Orpin, Ana Albero, Amanda Blake and more clever creatives, and has plenty of extra space to jot down reminders and special occasions. The daily journal has a beautiful botanical theme this time round, and includes a selection of special treats like postcards, shopping lists, sticker sheets and a hidden pocket.

Whether you're after one piece or an organisational double-whammy, you can grab them from our online store here.

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