frankie subscription stocking stuffer

by georgia frances king

"Hark!" the paper angels sing, now is the time for subscription giving! And why give one gift when you can give six over the course of a year?

If you subscribe for yourself or a special someone before Christmas, the first copy that'll rock up in your mailbox will be issue 52, our March/April edition. Plus, if you want to give that lucky duck an actual hard-copy present to go with it, you can either download our free gift cards at the end of the checkout, or nab them a copy of Issue 51, which comes out tomorrow.

You can either sign up for one year or two in Australia, New Zealand, the Asia-Pacific region or the rest of the world. And as an extra added nicety, you'll go into the running to win our subs prize for this issue: a Geo Bright woody set from the lovely people at Beneath The Sun (not too bad for an extra present, right?)

You can subscribe for Christmas here.

Pretty pic from here.

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