coffee and donut wall plaque

3:00pm Wednesday, 28 Sep.

If you’d care to create a shrine to coffee and donuts, you just might like to nab this handmade plaque for your centrepiece.

baby mitten knitting patterns

9:00am Wednesday, 28 Sep.

There’s only one thing cuter than a soft little bub, and that’s a teeny pair of mittens for said soft little bub.

diy green apple bath bombs

3:00pm Tuesday, 27 Sep.

An apple a day probably won’t keep the doctor away, but these DIY apple bath bombs might just keep you smelling delicious.

tunesday – weyes blood premiere

9:00am Tuesday, 27 Sep.

Weyes Blood’s new video is basically a psychedelic, cross-dressing version of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and, well, we’re pretty much in love with it.

Fancy learning how to grow your own veggies and cook up a delicious storm with them, too? Then you might like to win a copy of this pretty (and informative) new book.

Shutterbug Leah Frances is documenting some of America’s cutest (and daggiest) diners, dives and motel rooms.

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