paintbrush portraits

3:00pm Friday, 30 Jan.

Today, in so-brilliant-we-don't-know-why-we-didn't-think-of-it-first ideas.

This dreamy, floaty bedding from Limedrop and Ettitude is waiting to make someone feel as giddy as we do.

frankie exclusive diy: love stinks candles

3:00pm Thursday, 29 Jan. by kitiya palaskas

If the idea of celebrating Valentine's Day with red roses, chocolates and cheesy poems makes you roll your eyes and gag a little, then this project may be just the thing for you.

typographic pies

9:00am Thursday, 29 Jan.

To keep and admire or gobble down in one delicious gulp? That is the question.

her name is flora

3:00pm Wednesday, 28 Jan.

Frankie favourite Caitlin Shearer is throwing an exhibition with her camera-wielding pal Eloise Maree next month.

"We Are the Music" is the latest track from the recent LA resident, and we reckon it's just the thing to ease you into the working week after a lamington- and snag-filled long weekend.

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