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tunesday - esther holt premiere

3:00pm Tuesday, 13 Oct.

Holt on to your horses, frankie people – we have a new tune that you’ll want to channel to your ear holes, quicksticks.

We hope you haven’t used up your excitement reserves just yet, because we have another piece of news.

stuff mondays - princess highway

3:00pm Monday, 12 Oct.

Oh hello there, lovely frankite. Fancy 250 buckaroos to spend at your leisure with the lovely types at Princess Highway?

issue 68 on sale today

9:00am Monday, 12 Oct.

Please excuse us while we do a little jig and throw a few fist pumps in the air.

dictionary stories

3:00pm Sunday, 11 Oct.

Sunday night calls for a bit of light reading, and we doubt it could get much lighter than this.

tourdefork rings

9:00am Sunday, 11 Oct.

Customise your finger trickets with bits that might not usually get the admiration they deserve.

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