good stuff awards closing soon

9:00am Friday, 13 Jan.

Don’t forget: there are only 10 days left to sneak your entry into the frankie Good Stuff awards – and win some pretty damn awesome prizes!

subscribe in time for issue 76

3:00pm Thursday, 12 Jan.

If you subscribe to frankie today, you’ll go in the draw to win one of 100 pairs of these lovely fruit salad socks from Limedrop – yippee!

german vintage fabric store

9:00am Thursday, 12 Jan.

These snazzy fabrics from Deutschland just might inspire you to take up sewing and/or reupholster every bit of furniture in your house.

diy triangle leather pouch

3:00pm Wednesday, 11 Jan.

When all you need to keep on your person is a few bits and bobs, a teensy homemade pouch comes rather in handy.

fat cats

9:00am Wednesday, 11 Jan.

Shutterbug Peter Thorne is more than a little partial to heavy-set felines.

a watchful pouf

3:00pm Tuesday, 10 Jan.

Talking to yourself doesn’t seem quite so crazy when you’ve got a cute piece of furniture staring right back at you.

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