stock photos of the 1970s

3:00pm Friday, 13 Nov.

Need a bit of a chuckle to round out your week?

guda koster photography

3:00pm Saturday, 07 Nov.

We have a serious soft spot for these peculiar snaps by Dutch artist Guda Koster.

why doesn't she crack a smile

9:00am Thursday, 05 Nov.

Needlepoint artist Catherine Tipping and local snapper Mia Mala McDonald are pretty fed up with the way society treats its women.

vanessa mckeown's kooky snaps

9:00am Friday, 30 Oct.

Vanessa McKeown turns everyday objects into other everyday objects, though not the kind you would probably expect.

oona ristola photography interview

3:00pm Saturday, 24 Oct.

Oona Ristola’s snaps would not look out of place in a fairytale storybook.

antoine henault photography

3:00pm Tuesday, 20 Oct.

If you’re in the mood for some pretty photos to get lost among for a little while, we recommend these eye-pleasers by Antoine Henault.

nikolai tolstyh's papercut snaps

3:00pm Friday, 16 Oct.

If we were to create a Venn diagram labelled with ‘genius’ and ‘impossibly simple’, these pieces from artist Nikolai Tolstyh would sit smack-bang where the circles meet.

loni jeffs photography interview

3:00pm Saturday, 10 Oct.

From across the oceans Loni Jeffs gave us a rundown of how being a shutterbug fits into her nomadic life.

biscuits organised neatly

9:00am Tuesday, 06 Oct.

We have one serious question for the fella behind these carefully constructed biscuit formations: how is it that not one of those sugary bricks has even the slightest nibble out of it?

On a recent trip back home Una Janicijevic was nice enough to show us around – through the parts she remembers and the bits that have changed.

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