Before he treats our ears to some tunes in the flesh, we found out about Jose Gonzalaz's home country and what it means to him.

tunesday - the takeaways

5:03pm Monday, 25 Jan.

No matter your level of enthusiasm for Australia Day, there’s never a bad time to listen to some local music.

tunesday - new chairlift tunes

3:00pm Tuesday, 19 Jan.

Oh, Chairlift, we’ve missed you so.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Sit down. Take a seat. Maybe take a few deep breaths.

meet hindi zahra

3:00pm Friday, 08 Jan.

If we had to choose a musician to soundtrack a voyage across mountains, through caves and into the bustling markets of Marrakech, Hinda Zahra would be at the top of our playlist.

tunesday - lia ices

3:00pm Tuesday, 22 Dec.

Lia Ices makes the type of music that welcomes in the sun and the weekend (even if neither are near).


3:00pm Wednesday, 16 Dec.

Typedrummer turns anything you tap onto the keyboard into percussion sampled from real-life drums.

tunesday - ringo deathstarr

3:00pm Tuesday, 15 Dec.

As well as taking out the award for best Star Wars pun in a band name, Ringo Deathstarr also score marks for churning out tunes with enough guitar fuzz to envelop you in a big warm, stringy hug.

tunesday - kit warhurst

3:00pm Tuesday, 08 Dec.

There’s something a wee bit scary about ditching the pack and going it alone, but Melbourne bloke Kit Warhurst is pretty pleased he took the plunge.

tunesday - sarah blasko interview

3:00pm Tuesday, 24 Nov.

Today, in Sarah Blasko news: the delightful lady with the spine-tingling pipes has a new album, a new set of tour dates, and also managed to squeeze in a chit-chat with us. Phewph!

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