tunesday - julia holter

3:00pm Tuesday, 28 Jul.

Julia Holter and her well-coiffed locks hail from California’s sunny LA coast, where the balmy air and laidback good vibes have permeated her sound in the loveliest way.

The tuneful Londoners will be back on our shores later this year, and the best part is that frankie will be presenting the tour.

With a touch of The Smiths and ‘70s pop to his sound, Anthonie tells a tale of anticipation, frustration, public transport and an older gent in Auckland.

Aside from being the greatest tribute to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in rock, Veruca Salt had one of the most woeful break-ups of the ‘90s.

tunesday - ben mason new tunes

3:00pm Tuesday, 07 Jul.

If we may borrow your ears and eyes for just a moment, we’d like to present you with a little ditty from a special Melbourne gent, Ben Mason.

tunesday - the pink tiles giveaway

3:00pm Tuesday, 30 Jun.

Three hearty cheers for the Pink Tiles, frankie friends, who have just released their brand new EP, Snax Spirits Classic Hits.

We’re full of jittery excitement this afternoon, and it’s not just because of all the coffee we’ve guzzled today.

tunesday - ella thompson

3:00pm Tuesday, 16 Jun.

Ella Thompson is a musical lass from Melbourne who has pricked our ears of late.

After four long years Florence + the Machine have finally released a brand new album, and it’s just as powerful and uplifting as you might expect.

tunesday - grace jones giveaway

3:00pm Tuesday, 26 May.

Holy moly. How do you fancy dancing in the presence of a musical legend?

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