tunesday - sugar fed leopards

3:00pm Tuesday, 20 Jan.

Every now and then we come across a band that fills a little part of us we didn't know was missing.

tunesday - wye oak interview

9:00am Tuesday, 30 Dec.

Turns out there's more to the Maryland-based city than fictional serial killers and corny musicals -- there's Wye Oak, too.

mugs for animal lovers

9:00am Wednesday, 31 Dec.

Do you have some feline love in your heart? Or perhaps a fondness for our feathery friends?

a little bit of luluc

3:00pm Tuesday, 23 Dec.

Our anticipatory cartwheels have gone from 'go' to 'WHOA!' since getting to know the band supporting First Aid Kit on tour.

tunesday - big strong brute

9:00am Tuesday, 16 Dec.

Meet Big Strong Brute, a modern-day storyteller.

tunesday - bear's dean

3:00pm Tuesday, 02 Dec.

Ask the fellas from Bear's Den where they get their inspiration, and they'll probably name the children's book, Where the Wild Things Are.

When she's not bopping about on stage, Bertie is fond of doodling abstract works of art, and here's the good news - she'd love to whip something up for you.

meet yuko nishiyama

3:00pm Tuesday, 18 Nov.

It's pretty fitting that Yuko Nishiyama's debut single is called "Heart of Daisies", because it's got our tickers blooming in a big, big way.

tunesday - bored nothing giveaway

2:00pm Tuesday, 11 Nov.

Wrap your earholes around lead single "Ice-Cream Dreams", and if you like what you hear, we have some news that might take your fancy.

Some of our favourite things come from Sweden: easy to assemble flat-packed furniture, the chef from the Muppets, and Swedish sisters First Aid Kit.

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