tunesday - homeshake

3:00pm Tuesday, 19 Apr.

Homeshake make tunes to soundtrack lazy days on the road, wrapped up in your woollies and heading out on a crisp adventure.

tunesday - summer flake

3:00pm Tuesday, 05 Apr.

Do you ever find yourself at the stereo scratching your head and mentally searching for some cool new tunes to pop on the airwaves? Allow us to relieve your inner turmoil.


tunesday - welcome to twin peaks

3:00pm Tuesday, 12 Apr.

If you’re a Twin Peaks aficionado, you’ll know the value of a fat slice of cherry pie, the location of the Black Lodge and that the owls are not what they seem.

tunesday - anthonie tonnon tour

3:00pm Tuesday, 29 Mar.

This is our confession: every time Anthonie Tonnon’s tunes dance along the frankie air waves, all the ladies (and some gents) in the office swoon.

tunesday - tigertown tour

3:00pm Tuesday, 22 Mar.

Call the search off, we’ve found it: the perfect track to lift your mood as the days get shorter and greyer and shiverier.

sleater-kinney interview

3:00pm Monday, 14 Mar.

Sometimes life doles out opportunities that make your ticker stand still (but in a very good way).

mavis staples album giveaway

3:00pm Wednesday, 24 Feb.

It's time to let some soothing tunes waft through the air – something like the gospel-soul-blues hybrid from musical alchemist Mavis Staples.

santigold exclusive album preview

11:00am Friday, 19 Feb.

It’s not often that we treat you to a musical interlude at the tail-end of the week, but this is a bit of a special occasion.

tunesday - eilish gilligan

3:00pm Tuesday, 16 Feb.

This Melbourne songwriter's velvet voice and floaty melodies have us suitably wooed.

waxahatchee ticket giveaway

9:00am Thursday, 11 Feb.

Take a pinch of Elliot Smith, a smattering of The Breeders, a teeny drop of Cat Power and stir it all together into a sonically delicious mix.

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