stuff mondays - iko iko

9:00am Monday, 11 Apr.

Our splendid pals at Iko Iko have a pack of kitchen bits to give away, and they’ve offered it up to a lucky frankie reader. Hooray!

wooden baby gym diy

9:00am Wednesday, 04 May.

Whip up a personalised baby pressie (that won’t be snug around their nappy in a matter of weeks).

feliz bedding

9:00am Thursday, 14 Apr.

Cuteness and comfiness are high on our list of bedding necessities, and these little doozies from local label Feliz come up trumps in both.

elnaz nourizadeh ceramics

3:00pm Thursday, 14 Apr.

Born in Iran, Elnaz Nourizadeh only moved to Melbourne in 2013, but is already making a bit of a clay-flavoured splash.

megan clarke planters

9:00am Sunday, 27 Mar.

Ceramic artist Megan Clarke builds little homes for little plants.

atelier make

9:00am Wednesday, 16 Mar.

Occasionally crockery comes into our lives that’s just too dang delightful to spoil by splodging food on top.

diy hat-topped pendant light

3:00pm Saturday, 12 Mar.

It would be a crying shame if your Sunday best were only to be seen on Sundays (or not at all if you spend the whole day in bed watching the X-Files).

ok dish

9:00am Monday, 07 Mar.

Sometimes you just need someone, or something, to tell you that everything is going to be OK. Because it is!

a magnetic curtain

3:00pm Friday, 04 Mar.

Swiss designer Florian Kräutli is one clever cookie.

bespoak interiors

3:00pm Sunday, 28 Feb.

BespOak Interiors, to put it lightly, will send your inner book fiend (and interiors-loving self) into a tizzy.

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