bookniture's folding furnishings

9:00am Tuesday, 03 Mar.

You know that Seinfeld episode where Kramer invents a coffee table book that turns into an actual coffee table?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend a night in the woods, frankie fellows?

the nomad planter

9:00am Friday, 27 Feb.

Because who needs a bag full of useless bits and pieces when you can just lug around a nice, friendly plant?

diy hanging rope shelf

9:00am Tuesday, 17 Feb.

If you can work a simple power tool and tie a couple of basic knots, furniture construction couldn't be easier.

middle of nowhere furniture

9:00am Sunday, 08 Feb.

The middle of nowhere is the last place we'd want to see these tutti-frutti cushions and candy-coloured paintings from local design studio Middle of Nowhere.

This dreamy, floaty bedding from Limedrop and Ettitude is waiting to make someone feel as giddy as we do.

mugs for animal lovers

9:00am Wednesday, 31 Dec.

Do you have some feline love in your heart? Or perhaps a fondness for our feathery friends?

stuff mondays - pennant garlands

9:00am Monday, 08 Dec.

We all know that handmade Christmas gifts will earn you extra brownie points, but what if your fingers are way too fumbly to whip up something festive from scratch?

As Creative Director and self-confessed homebody, Tracy Lines knows what's what when it comes to unearthing artistic bits and bobs for the home.

noe marin ceramics

9:00am Tuesday, 25 Nov.

If the way to your heart is through the front door of a ceramics studio, prepare to melt at the sight of Noe Marin's potted bits and bobs.

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