Canadian lass Tallulah Fontaine makes art for some of the coolest bands on Earth.

lilly’s galaxie

3:00pm Sunday, 17 Jul.

Some eye-catching visuals to keep your peepers happy, while you take in a hit of artistic inspiration.

lee kyutae illustrations

9:00am Tuesday, 12 Jul.

Pictures so sweet and soft, they’re like marshmallows for the eyes.

maria herreros illustrations

9:00am Tuesday, 28 Jun.

Maria Herreros makes twisted pictures of strong women (and a few cool blokes too) out of her studio in Barcelona.

lina löfstrand illustrations

3:00pm Saturday, 21 May.

Hel-lo, sailor.

artist interview - nastia sleptsova

3:00pm Saturday, 07 May.

Pretty pictures for your peepers? We've got them right here.

abigail halpin's illustrations

3:00pm Friday, 01 Apr.

Abigail Halpin's illustrations are so far up our alley that they’re practically sitting on our back doorstep.

eleni kalorkoti illustrations

3:00pm Friday, 15 Apr.

Cancel your optometrist appointment, you’re not seeing double – it’s just some trippy pencil play from Scottish illustrator Eleni Kalorkoti.

Allyson Mellberg Taylor's illustrations toe the line between creepy and cute in the most wonderful ways.

mouni feddag's illustrations

9:00am Monday, 29 Feb.

Every now and then we stumble across an artist who is so on our wavelength that we’re sure we’d be best buds if we met in real life.

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