It would be tough to find any artwork that is more likely to make us squeal with childlike delight than the illustrations of Quentin Blake.

christine berrie pencil drawings

3:00pm Tuesday, 31 Dec.

The last time we tried drawing with coloured pencils we struggled to keep within the lines, but clearly Christine Berrie paid more attention in primary school art class than us.

artist interview - laura blythman

3:00pm Saturday, 04 Jan.

Need something to pep you right up? Try a dose of Laura Blythman's quirky artwork, which will very soon have you grinning from ear to ear.

It's that hectic time of year when our heads can get a bit worn out and frazzled, and the very best cure for the scatterbrain blues is one totally excellent diary.

artist interview - rebecca green

3:00pm Saturday, 07 Dec.

We've well and truly fallen for Rebecca Green's beautiful layered paintings, so we got in touch to find out a little more about her art.

ashley percival owl illustrations

3:00pm Thursday, 28 Nov.

If there's one foolproof remedy for a mid-afternoon slump, it's spending some face time with a flock of birdie chums.

The secret's out and we're broadcasting it to the world: when it comes to artistic aptitude, this self-taught illustrator has got the goods.

blanca gomez illustrations

3:00pm Thursday, 31 Oct.

In a roundabout way, we have Blanca Gomez' ex-boss to thank for her sweet designs on website Cosas Minimas.

yvonne ellen homewares

3:00pm Monday, 28 Oct.

We're seriously digging these hand-crafted homewares from London maker Yvonne Ellen.

artist interview - brooke weeber

3:00pm Saturday, 09 Nov.

When it comes to Portland, nature and whimsy go hand-in-hand, so it makes perfect sense that Brooke Weeber's an Oregon lass born-and-bred.

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