german fried egg cake

9:00am Saturday, 05 Nov.

Don’t be fooled – these aren’t really fried eggs, but a sweet treat in disguise. Clever, huh?

Got any plans for the pulp you scooped out of that pumpkin for Halloween? 

the little library café

3:00pm Wednesday, 26 Oct.

Kate Young makes food inspired by literature – bless her bookworm-ish heart.

meringue crunch ice cream

9:00am Saturday, 22 Oct.

Smash up some meringue in the name of deliciousness.

banana cream pie donuts

9:00am Saturday, 15 Oct.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of cooking up your own batch of crispy brown doughies, perhaps you’d like to give this cream-filled recipe a try?

pistachio and lime buttercream cake

9:00am Saturday, 08 Oct.

Pistachio, meet lime. Lime, please meet pistachio. You’re about to come together in this rather lovely cake recipe.

raw vegan hazelnut brownies

9:00am Saturday, 01 Oct.

This brownie has magical powers. It whispers, “Eat me”, and you simply must obey.

earl grey pear tart

9:00am Saturday, 24 Sep.

It’s always nice to fed friends’ hungry bellies – and what better thing to bring out of the oven than a piping hot pear tart with a crumbly, buttery shell?

What could be better than a chocolate cake? A chocolate cake that oozes pure gold deliciousness, of course.

hand-painted macarons

9:00am Wednesday, 14 Sep.

Too sweet to eat, too pretty to ignore.

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