diy woven hanging planters

9:00am Tuesday, 31 Mar.

We love woven wall hangings. We dig a spruced up planter. So imagine the level of awesomeness that would occur if you mixed the two together?

diy wooden shopping list holder

3:00pm Wednesday, 25 Mar.

This wall-mounted docket roll will keep you organised and help avoid a milkless cereal disaster.

diy succulent wreath

9:00am Friday, 20 Mar.

Wreaths tend to be put into hibernation until the more festive end of the year, but who's to say the leafy rings can't bring us floral cheer all year round?

handy message board diy

3:00pm Wednesday, 18 Mar.

Blast your memo to the masses via your own in-house billboard.

diy snazzy socks

4:00pm Friday, 13 Mar.

This DIY has a great solution for revamping old socks, and updating them for a whole new season.

This desk organiser will keep your bits and bobs tidy and leave your desk wonderfully clutter-free, all while prettying up your workspace. Huzzah!

diy mid-century planters

4:00pm Sunday, 15 Mar.

This DIY planter is a pretty neat way to bag some Mid-century fittings (while skipping on the mammoth price tag).

a little bit crafty: pimp my esky

10:00am Thursday, 26 Feb.

Pretty up any old esky with some pastel loveliness.

get fancy: trim your own fringe

4:00pm Friday, 20 Feb.

Chances are you'll wind up with more beautiful bangs for your buck.

diy hanging rope shelf

10:00am Tuesday, 17 Feb.

If you can work a simple power tool and tie a couple of basic knots, furniture construction couldn't be easier.

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