xtabay vintage

9:00am Sunday, 28 Feb.

The first step to living out your 1950s Hollywood dreams. 

the fifth label

3:00pm Friday, 26 Feb.

The Fifth is a local label we’ve developed a bit of a fashion crush on.

cassie byrnes designs

9:00am Friday, 05 Feb.

If glorious, messy floral scarves and prints are your jam, we reckon you might like to wander over to textile designer Cassie Byrne’s online shop.

stuff mondays - kowtow clothing

9:00am Monday, 01 Feb.

Fancy yourself some neat Kiwi threads?

The little birdies at Vanishing Elephant have told us a thing or two about their new autumn/winter 2016 range, and we’ve gotta say: it’s a bit of a doozy.

pom pom vintage

9:00am Tuesday, 19 Jan.

Vintage clothes don’t always have to equate to mothballs, yellowed fabrics and hemming that’s looking a little out of place.

frock and roll

9:00am Sunday, 17 Jan.

Pop an ode to onigiri on your chest.

heinui's new range

9:00am Sunday, 10 Jan.

Oh Heinui, you wonderful label, you. Your newest range has made us giddy in all the right ways.

ka-he clothing

9:00am Sunday, 27 Dec.

A classic black linen pencil skirt here, a summery pale blue jumpsuit there: Ka-He’s shelves are stocked up with staples, all beautifully made from natural materials.

harvest lane

9:00am Wednesday, 09 Dec.

There are a few things you should know about new local label Harvest Lane.

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