Frankie Good Stuff Awards

put a kitty on it

9:00am Sunday, 09 Aug.

If we had a cat as cute as Panko the Exotic Shorthair, we’d be plastering his face over everything we got our hands on, too.

men & cats

10:00am Friday, 06 Mar.

If you thought the 'crazy cat person' moniker was reserved solely for introverted lady folk, you would be sorely mistaken.

a cat a day

10:00am Tuesday, 27 Jan.

Do you spend more time chortling at snippets of cheeky kitties than ticking tasks off your lengthy to-do list?

a helping paw

3:00pm Monday, 27 Oct.

We can't quite tell if this is creepy or adorable, but one thing's for sure – we bloody well want it.

cat hammock diy

9:00am Thursday, 14 Aug.

Does your feline companion need a crafty hammock on which to snooze and lounge and plot world domination?

cat stuff

3:20pm Monday, 28 Jul.

A special one-off market is popping up in Melbourne next month, touting all sorts of bits and bobs for and inspired by our feline friends.

cat burger bed

3:00pm Tuesday, 25 Mar.

Imagine a world where all cats slept in cosy burger beds that turned them into a furry feline patty. We like that world.

kitties on the ceiling

9:00am Sunday, 16 Feb.

If there's one thing we know about cats it's this: if they can leap onto the highest object in the room, they will.

australia's first cat cafe

2:30pm Friday, 10 Jan.

Yep, you read it right: Australia's very first moggy mecca, where you can sip a brew surrounded by kitties, any old time you want.

hip-hip-hooray and happy new year!

9:00am Wednesday, 01 Jan.

Honk the horns, pop the party poppers and fill your hearts with footloose delight – we've made it through another year. High five!

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