madrid’s colourful crossings

9:00am Friday, 18 Nov.

Christo Guelov has turned Madrid’s zebra crossings into a treat for local folks’ eyeballs, filling in grey gaps with colourful shapes and stripes.

ban she illustrations

9:00am Wednesday, 16 Nov.

This Adelaide illustrator, who’s rather a fan of the Posca Pen, has captured our lifestyle – and our hearts.

mariko kusumoto’s fibre art

3:00pm Sunday, 06 Nov.

This Japanese artist handcrafts translucent fibre orbs, each with a curious object or two inside.

In Hobart tonight? Perhaps you’d like to take a peek at this showcase of artworks from over 30 talented ladies.

maria j vera art

9:00am Wednesday, 26 Oct.

Treat your eyeballs to our little gallery of artworks by this Bolivian creative lady.

This San Francisco-based artist makes startling realistic (and huge) paper flowers.

Something tells us that Eugenia Zoloto would outshine the lot of us at a casual crafternoon.

lifeblood exhibition opening

3:00pm Wednesday, 19 Oct.

Abbey Rich’s new exhibition in Melbourne is all about matters of the heart.

laura garcia serventi paintings

3:00pm Sunday, 09 Oct.

Botanical artist Laura Garcia Serventi paints her childhood memories.

patrick commency’s fresco art

3:00pm Saturday, 15 Oct.

This French street artist paints rather lovely (and super-realistic) frescos on old buildings around the world.

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