amanda senneby paintings

3:00pm Saturday, 02 Jul.

Swedish painter Amanda Senneby reckons ladies in art are often portrayed as “passive and simple” – and you know what? We think she’s onto something.

maria herreros illustrations

9:00am Tuesday, 28 Jun.

Maria Herreros makes twisted pictures of strong women (and a few cool blokes too) out of her studio in Barcelona.

naomi okubo paintings

3:00pm Friday, 24 Jun.

Fall under the spell of these bewitchingly pretty pictures.

pencil shaving flowers

9:00am Thursday, 23 Jun.

Save up your pencil shavings and grow a blooming garden of your own.

delicious old mattress art

9:00am Tuesday, 21 Jun.

The streets of Paris just got a whole lot tastier.

artist interview – sophie tivona

3:00pm Saturday, 18 Jun.

We had a chat to the California native about her watercolour world.

michelle ramin’s paintings

9:00am Tuesday, 14 Jun.

This clever lady has painted a series of paintings… about people viewing paintings.

monster shaper’s animated bits

9:00am Sunday, 12 Jun.

There’s just something about handmade objects and stop-motion animation that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Warning: these paintings may result in nostalgia overload.

sara landeta’s bird paintings

9:00am Tuesday, 07 Jun.

We’ve never thought of doing anything with old packets of Panadol other than chucking them in the bin.

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