Whether in paint, pencil, pixels or plastic, Min Pin's kooky characters pop out in pastel hues and make us want to squeal with glee.

ana de lima illustration

9:00am Friday, 23 Jan.

Being snuggled up to a sausage under a blanket of fries would be a pretty great way to nod off, don't you think?

Hollis Brown Thornton is a little bit fascinated with the theme of digital vs. analogue, especially when it comes to nostalgic bits and bobs like photos, cassettes and VHS.

artist interview - hine mizushima

3:00pm Saturday, 10 Jan.

Well, if Hiné Mizushima isn't the handiest person you've seen with a needle and thread, we'll eat our poorly stitched hats.

chris maynard's feather art

9:00am Wednesday, 07 Jan.

Most birds are born into a pretty spiffy set of feathers, but artist Chris Maynard has found a way to pretty their plumage up even more.

artist interview - kat hannah

9:00am Saturday, 27 Dec.

Making her home in the 33rd American state, Kat Hannah is an artist who uses paint and canvas as her medium of choice.

i enjoy being a girl zine

9:00am Friday, 02 Jan.

If you've ever eaten Nutella straight from the jar when you've had a bad day, you'll probably dig this zine.

natalie candlish hair drawings

9:00am Wednesday, 24 Dec.

Illustrator Natalie Candlish has a bit of a soft spot for tresses.

kirsten lyttle

9:00am Sunday, 21 Dec.

For your Sunday art-viewing pleasure, here's Melbourne multimedia weaver Kirsten Lyttle.

artist interview - yura osborn

3:00pm Saturday, 13 Dec.

New York-based artist Yura Osborn has one intention for her artwork: to whack a big toothy smile across our dials.

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