red-hot ladies

9:00am Sunday, 29 Mar.

Granted, there's something a wee bit creepy about melting someone's head into a puddle of molten wax, but we're digging these candles from Kaye Blegvad all the same.

When it comes to art, Julie Van Wezemael is what you'd call a bit of a dabbler – she'll try her hand at anything from drawing to ceramics and wielding a stitchy needle.

natalie wargin's paintings

4:00pm Wednesday, 11 Mar.

Air out your tent and dust off your binoculars, because a look through Natalie Wargin's flora-filled paintings will have you yearning for a trip off the beaten track.

The Californian artist uses light and colour to create immersive artworks that confuse your grey matter and please your peepers.

retrowhale's righteous prints

10:00am Tuesday, 24 Feb.

Plug in your hair crimper and hit play on your Simple Minds cassette, because these illustrations are likely to induce a spell of '80s-inspired nostalgia.

artist interview - clare sams

4:00pm Saturday, 21 Feb.

If you find yourself on Clare Sams' website looking for traditional knitting and embroidery, you'll wind up sorely disappointed.

no-stitch stamped scarf diy

4:00pm Wednesday, 18 Feb.

If the thought of threading a needle or turning under a hem makes you shudder in sewing self-doubt, this no-stitch DIY might just be to your liking.

once upon a blythe

10:00am Wednesday, 18 Feb.

30 international artists have taken the iconic doe-eyed Blythe doll and given it a wardrobe rejig – not to mention a colourful (and ever-so-slightly creepy) makeover, as well.

supergraph is back this weekend

10:00am Tuesday, 10 Feb.

Not to alarm you, but there are only three days until the Supergraph contemporary art fair kicks off for another year.

atelier bingo art

4:00pm Friday, 06 Feb.

This is what we imagine it looks like inside your noggin when it's brimming with great ideas.

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