lenko animal sweaters

9:00am Friday, 27 Mar.

Feeling a little nippy, fauna-loving frankites?

cuddle clones

10:00am Sunday, 08 Mar.

If you're the kind of person who generally thinks their pet is the bees knees, there's a chance you'll be into Cuddle Clones.

men & cats

10:00am Friday, 06 Mar.

If you thought the 'crazy cat person' moniker was reserved solely for introverted lady folk, you would be sorely mistaken.

rob macinnes' farm series

4:00pm Sunday, 08 Feb.

We are a bit infatuated with photographer Rob MacInnes' fauna-filled Farm Series.

gluta the jolly dog

4:00pm Wednesday, 07 Jan.

It's a big call, but we may have just found the happiest dog, ever.

mugs for animal lovers

10:00am Wednesday, 31 Dec.

Do you have some feline love in your heart? Or perhaps a fondness for our feathery friends?

the sloth shirt

10:00am Tuesday, 09 Dec.

If the noble sloth is your spirit animal, then you might want to take a squiz at what lies inside this blog.

pit bulls in flower crowns

3:12pm Thursday, 25 Sep.

Photographer Sophie Gamand sees a side to the burly breed that most do not.

rabbit real estate

9:16am Tuesday, 22 Jul.

Behold: a Cape Cod-style mansion for the hard-to-please cottontail in your life.

bolden's ceramic animals

3:03pm Friday, 04 Jul.

Although we've always loved the idea of entertaining a bunch of exotic animals in our home, we could never quite get past the possibility of having an arm or a leg nibbled off between courses.

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