If the jury's still out about whether embroidery makes everything better, Coral and Tusk are here to close the case.

Ever noticed how making something from scratch feels really, really good?

no-stitch stamped scarf diy

3:00pm Wednesday, 18 Feb.

If the thought of threading a needle or turning under a hem makes you shudder in sewing self-doubt, this no-stitch DIY might just be to your liking.

julie white's straya daze

3:00pm Wednesday, 11 Feb.

Julie White's socks and scarves are as as ridgy-didge as it gets without tucking into a roo burger or piece of Vegemite toast.

the make lab

9:00am Sunday, 25 Jan.

The Make Lab is a group of clever Melbourne artists who make pretty bits for you to pin to your collar or string carefully around your neck.

skomoroki vintage specs

9:00am Sunday, 18 Jan.

If the summer glare has got you shielding your poor old peepers, put your hands to better use by clicking your way over to Skomoroki.

sushi socks

3:00pm Tuesday, 13 Jan.

Not only will they warm your tootsies on a chilly night, they'll also turn them into a couple of tasty-looking slabs of salmon.

We put it to our resident frankie fellas to fill us in on the sorts of things they'll like to find in their stocking this year.

wanting collection

9:00am Sunday, 14 Dec.

Wanting Collection can help you fill your wardrobe's hosiery gaps (while throwing in some llama-strewn tootsie-covers just for fun).

shuh lee's colourful goodies

3:00pm Monday, 29 Dec.

We've been looking at Shuh Lee's blog so intently that our eyes have turned into a kaleidoscope of sorts.

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