Life was simple on 80s TV sitcoms, we mused, before doling out advice on top 20 hangover cures and how to win an argument every time. We talked to homeless Australians about their lives, shopkeepers who loved their shops, and four local designers, who taught us how to make DIY couture out of secondhand dresses.

In “only in the movies”, we met six young Australians making their mark on silver screens big and small – including Marieke Hardy and Kestie Morassi.

Venturing into the 9-5 world, we spoke to mums who are also full-time workers, and took a peek at the spaces where creative types do their stuff.

Awww ... five couples shared the stories of how they met, kooky collectors showed off the stuff they [heart] the best, and creative country cats told why they like rural living the best. Rants on love in the cinema, male jealousy and real friendship.

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