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Ahoy-hoy, fabulous frankites! This week we’re sending a whopping ‘yay, you!’ to all those clever clogs out there who dare to think outside the box. There’s a high five for artist Yukino Ohmura, who scrupulously turns thousands of dot stickers into beautiful glowy skylines, and a fist pump for Benjamin Shine, who found a rather mind-boggling use for tulle and an iron. Let’s not forget the crafters aiming a little left-of-centre, transforming wheels into doughnuts and creating mailable cake. A hearty cheers to you, folks - we’ll make sure to send you a slice of chocolate mud so you know we think you’re ace. Here’s another natty idea: making pom-poms with a fork. All you need is some wool and a pair of scissors, and before you know it you’ll be both craftily accessorised and ready to chow down on some tasty grub. The lady behind this week’s feature pic lives in Brooklyn, New York, and if you’re headed her way soon (or anywhere else abroad, for that matter) it might be worth giving Jauntful a try. It’s a way to collate all your favourite travel tips - like where to find the city’s best ice-cream or Valentine’s Day cards that don’t totally suck - and we’ve added it to the ‘ideas we wish we’d thought of first’ list. Finally, we give you perfumes inspired by the characters from Fraggle Rock. Mixing Muppets and scents is as genius as it comes, so perhaps ditch the brainstorming and use your noggin to decide if you’d rather smell like violet sugar, sweet red currant or radish dust.



Sometimes dreams can be super bizarre, like the time we dreamt Bill Murray was a town crier, ringing his golden bell while gobbling down toast in a city square. But they can also be full of lovely bits and bobs for your abode, like old-fashioned sugar bowls, sweet frilly aprons and tic-tac-toe patterned throws. For more of the latter, skip over to Stuff of Dreams and make your homely wishes come true.



Is it just us, or would all bags be infinitely improved with the addition of a facial hair-sporting, bare-domed fella? Luke Chiswell seems to be on our side, and he’s kindly offered up a handful of canvas totes featuring just such a chap for us to give away. Take your pick between a black and white version of the bag, and send your choice through with your name and address here.

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