rachel burke’s lovey legs

10:00am Monday, 15 May.

frankie pal Rachel Burke has been adorning her pins in a rather delightful manner of late.

Order your next choc top with your gams wrapped up in a pair of these.

At last, the time has come to wrap our goosebump-covered legs in some snuggly winter tights, so it's a good thing that hosiery experts Tightology are there for us when the need arises.

strathcona stockings

3:00pm Wednesday, 19 Dec.

Supposedly summer is meant to be in full, lobster-skinned swing, but we're getting a bit irked by that in-between weather that often happens when the sun goes down. Midway between shaking from both heat and cold, a pair of knee-highs is probably what your sun-drenched legs need, not jeans.

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