young adult giveaway

9:00am Wednesday, 11 Jan.

A new movie from the writer of Juno and the director of Up In The Air? Yes please.


9:00am Wednesday, 04 Jan.

Oh yes. If you're like us and can get a little restless during a mammoth movie session, then Flickerfest, Bondi's short film festival, may be for you.

tunesday - sui zhen

9:00am Tuesday, 03 Jan.

People who are just so darn multi-talented irk us, but actually amaze us, because we want to be them. Take Sui Zhen for an example.

moonlight cinema giveaway

9:00am Wednesday, 28 Dec.

To reward all of you lovely frankie blog readers, we're going to give you a little present: 20 double passes to the Moonlight Cinema's summer season.

We don't want to give anything away for those who haven't read the book, but this is one eerie film being released on Thursday. You will be squirming in both agony and delight.


8:00am Wednesday, 14 Sep.

When we say this film is 'brilliant', that isn't just our own opinion.

bicycle film festival

8:00am Monday, 26 Sep.

What's better than bicycles and films? Watching movies while riding bikes! Actually, that could be a little dangerous...

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