converse concept store

12:00pm Thursday, 15 Dec.

This will excite all of you Chuck Taylor fans: Converse has just opened its first concept store in Australia.


10:00am Saturday, 10 Dec.

Tribal t-shirt designs and mystical collaborations.

Can't afford a Birkin? We've got you sardonically sorted.

vintage trimmings

3:00pm Tuesday, 06 Dec.

We all know that frankie are fans of the vintage trim. We have a little (big!) collection in the office that often graces the pages of each issue.

lu flux

10:00am Saturday, 03 Dec.

After reading about the imminent extinction of wild tigers, Lu Flux set out to create their very own floral patchwork tiger t-shirt.

occupy christmas

12:00pm Thursday, 01 Dec.

Here's a great initiative for those of you who are wanting to shop with a social conscience this silly season. Occupy Christmas is encouraging people to buy local pressies from independent this year.

new hand hook yarn collars

8:00am Thursday, 24 Nov.

Feather and suede leather collars for your neck adornment needs.

our heart belongs to peter

3:00pm Tuesday, 22 Nov.

This DIY Peter Pan Collar tutorial is right up our alley – you can bet we'll be pulling out the humble hot-glue gun as soon as we return from Neverland.


1:00pm Wednesday, 16 Nov.

We reckon fans and parasols are underrated.

obus wall project 4

9:00am Wednesday, 16 Nov.

Kirra Jamison's paintings resemble the '70s flower patterns of bell bottom jeans, that is, if they were on a canvas in a high art gallery.

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