wool modern

3:00pm Monday, 23 Apr.

Chilly, innit? With the way that the weather has been in Sydney last week, the Wool Modern exhibition comes at a suitable time.

samantha pleet is bewitched

10:00am Sunday, 22 Apr.

Samantha Pleet's winter collection 'Romantic Revival' is a little bit country and a little bit Bewitched.


8:00am Tuesday, 17 Apr.

Inspired by days in Sydney Harbour, this Paddington boutique's collection is full of bright colours, lightweight cottons, hand embroidery and full skirts.

moki aotearoa

10:00am Saturday, 14 Apr.

Moki Aotearoa is a New Zealand shoe label that advocates sustainable design, hand-crafted products, local labour and a reduced environmental footprint. They also believe in beautiful looking footwear.

book of deer

8:00am Wednesday, 11 Apr.

Book of Deer's designs are made of digitally printed fabrics featuring Eilidh Ho's illustrations of birds, bunnies and florals. We have a few pieces to give away as an extra special treat.

Look who has branched out into women's wear... The boys from Vanishing Elephant have proven they aren't just ace at making the lads look snappy, but they can also deliver the goods when it comes to the dudettes.


3:00pm Friday, 30 Mar.

We've all seen plenty of take-a-photo-a-day blogs about the place, but this is the first time we've seen a Pattern A Day blog.

kelly love

10:00am Sunday, 01 Apr.

Kelly Love's Autumn/Winter collection is full of floral silks, cigarette pants, tailored jumpsuits and plenty of other folktale slash Russian-love-story goodies.

happy socks

2:00pm Wednesday, 04 Apr.

Most of the time you don't think about clothing having feelings. But these hosiery items do: Happy Socks.

street styling

11:00am Sunday, 25 Mar.

We think these street snaps by Liz McLeish are rather dashing and are actually giving us some pretty good ideas for our next day out on the town.

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