christmas in brisbane

3:00pm Thursday, 15 Dec.

Hey Brisbane mates! Want to do a little DIY and or craft this silly season, but not quite sure how to go about it?

christmas birdies

2:00pm Tuesday, 20 Dec.

Need some help decorating your tree, your house, yourself? These printable Starry Winter Birdies from Homemade Happiness might just do the trick.

auckland art & craft fair

8:00am Wednesday, 07 Dec.

New Zealand, you're really killing it at the moment.

home necklace

12:00pm Tuesday, 06 Dec.

 So 'home necklace' is a bit of a fancy schmancy term for a nice long string of beads to hang up in your lounge room, but this simple DIY project tickles us somehow.

vote yes

3:00pm Monday, 28 Nov.

You might like to hang one of these banners up on your wall as a reminder that everything is going to be OK. Because it is.

wool critter pouches

12:00pm Monday, 28 Nov.

Sara Kirkpatrick's delightful wool-pouches are of the finest quality, perfectly mixed with the right amount of cute.

party toppers

3:00pm Thursday, 24 Nov.

Festive and pretty and super-easy to make, these floral party hats are sure to go down a treat at all your pre-Christmas dos.

our heart belongs to peter

3:00pm Tuesday, 22 Nov.

This DIY Peter Pan Collar tutorial is right up our alley – you can bet we'll be pulling out the humble hot-glue gun as soon as we return from Neverland.

fancy a bobbin?

8:00am Monday, 21 Nov.

This is a simple super-cute idea that we found: an antique wooden bobbin that has been wound with an assortment of vintage fabric trims and ric-rac.

boasting brights

1:00pm Saturday, 12 Nov.

We're in a technicolour state over designer and maker Jennifer Loiselle.

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