livia marin's melting ceramics

3:00pm Tuesday, 23 Jul.

It's possible no one ever taught Livia Marin to keep the space around an open flame clear of ceramic collectables.

shan valla vases

9:00am Wednesday, 10 Jul.

We'd like you to meet Shan Annabelle Valla – a lass who is mighty gifted at designing glass and porcelain homewares.

a toast (plate) to you

3:00pm Tuesday, 02 Oct.

Toast is awesome. It's one of those undeniable facts of life. This makes toast plates a life necessity.

up in the air somewhere

10:00am Saturday, 07 Jan.

Do delicate and wondrous ceramics tickle your fancy?

put a bird on it

3:00pm Thursday, 17 Nov.

Ceramics maker and teacher Carole Smith is a self-confessed bird nerd.

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