a watchful pouf

3:00pm Tuesday, 10 Jan.

Talking to yourself doesn’t seem quite so crazy when you’ve got a cute piece of furniture staring right back at you.

tunesday - haerts

3:08pm Tuesday, 27 May.

The Brooklyn-based quintet is a bit like a musical United Nations, with members hailing from Germany, the UK and the US.

There's something rather special about playing games al fresco, especially when they're as lovely as the ones stocked by Fredericks and Mae.

tunesday - au revoir simone

3:00pm Tuesday, 01 Oct.

It's been four years since we said ta-ta to Au Revoir Simone, but finally the time has come to send a jolly 'Bonjour!' their way.

keil mead's everyday jewellery

3:00pm Friday, 15 Mar.

Keil Mead is a jewellery designer and silversmith who likes drawing attention to the everyday, be it high-school retainers or pre-chewed gum.

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