eatable of many orders

Atami, Japan. Home to Mount Fuji, an artificial beach, the occasional wild monkey, and Eatable of Many Orders, a fashion label specialising in very cute clothing and wooden and leather handbags. Spaghetti was the inspiration for the brand’s latest collection (hence, the collection’s name: Spaghetti), and features a variety of swishy garments, some of which are emblazoned with eye-catching prints. You can have a squiz at the full range over on the Eatable of Many Orders website – but you may have to hop on a plane to Japan, should you wish to acquire their wares. At present, they don’t seem to be available to purchase online. More’s the pity.

eatable of many orders 1

eatable of many orders 2

eatable of many orders 3

eatable of many orders 4

eatable of many orders 5

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