girls rock! melbourne

girls rock melbourne 1

The famed camp for lasses who dig rock and/or roll is back again, and this time it’s happening in Melbourne. The week-long camp, which originated in Portland, Oregon, aims to empower young female, trans and gender non-conforming youth aged 12 to 17 through music and education. Campers will form their own band, watch live performances, participate in creative workshops, and write an original song to be performed at the end of the week as part of a showcase – woohoo! There are still a few spots up for grabs (two for rhythmically inclined individuals aged 14 to 17 keen on playing the drums, and one for a certain someone aged 11 to 13 who fancies picking up the bass). Oh, and financial aid is available, for anyone who’s a bit short on moolah. Scoot over this way to sign yourself up – but you’d better be quick. Camp starts on Monday January 9th.

Sweet pic by Mia Mala McDonald.

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