brunswick backyard studio sale

Good fellows of Melbourne: there’s a rather wonderful mini-market happening tomorrow in a Brunswick maker’s backyard. That maker is Lucile Sciallano, the crafty lady behind ceramics studio La Petite Fabrique de Brunswick. Along with a league of top-notch local designers, including Wolf & Mishka and Tara Whalley, Lucile will be selling her super-sweet handmade wares at bargain basement prices. It’s the just the place to be, if you’re on the hunt for some jewellery, homewares or hand-stitched duds for someone’s Chrissie present – or, if you’re just in the mood for a good old chat with folks who make nice stuff. To check it out, pop past 195 Weston St, Brunswick, between 10am and 6pm tomorrow (Saturday December 10th) – and who knows? We might just see you there.

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