tunesday – jack river interview

Songstress Jack River, aka Holly Rankin, makes “folk songs laced with acid” and woozy video clips that we reckon are more than a tad awesome. If you haven’t had a listen to her EP, Highway Songs No.2, it might just be the thing to take you somewhere a little sweeter this afternoon. Oh, and if you like what you hear (and read from Holly in our little interview below), perhaps you’d like to catch her doing her thing live on stage? The lady’s embarking on an east coast tour rather soon.

jack river 1

Describe your music in five words, please. Chandeliers, rocket ships, the ocean.

What first inspired you to start making tunes? When life became really overwhelming, songs just started to drip out of my brain. Then boys and high school happened and that turned into more songs. Once I started, I couldn’t ignore the music in my head, so I just kept making them.

What do your folks think of your music? They love it so much. Mum likes absolutely everything I post on Facebook, and I’m pretty sure Dad checks the triple j website every day and knows more about Jack River than I do. Apart from these things, they believe in my vision at a really deep level, which is the greatest thing you could ask for in a parent.

Where would we find you on a typical Sunday morning? In the ocean, or in Berkelouw Books in Paddington, writing away and staying there too long.

When are you at your most creative? When I’m in love but it’s still a secret.

Who’s your favourite superhero? Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass, ’cos she is a boss. Though, if there was a female Captain Planet I would choose her.

What do you cook when you want to impress someone – and can we please have the recipe? My mum’s spinach pie. Recipe just below.

jack river 2

Tell us something that nobody would know about you. I have packaging anxiety and freak out massively about single-use plastics like straws, takeaway coffee cups and takeaway containers. I literally will think about it all day if I use one. #ecoanxiety

What are you most afraid of? Complacency.


Thursday December 1st – The Foundry, Brisbane
Friday December 2nd – Hudson Ballroom, Sydney
Saturday December 3rd – Workers Club, Melbourne
Friday December 23rd – Grow Your Own – A Summer Festival, Forster, NSW
Saturday Januray 21st – Sugar Mountain, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne 

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