plant atriums

3:00pm Tuesday, 13 Sep. by holly mccauley

Sick of those old terracotta pots sitting on your windowsills, tabletops and balconies?


10:00am Saturday, 10 Sep. by holly mccauley

Fancy yourself a bit of a collector? Mari Andrews does, and look, she has turned the art of collecting into art itself.

amy merrick

3:00pm Monday, 15 Aug. by jo walker

Have a good old poke around this lovely website, full of floral inspirations and beautiful interior styling ideas.

making walls pretty

10:00am Sunday, 07 Aug. by jo walker

A big thumbs up for temporary wallpaper!

light up your mood

8:00am Friday, 05 Aug. by louise bannister

Henrietta is a London based designer who is responsible for these ridiculously cute light switch stickers.

quarto and sala

10:00am Saturday, 16 Jul. by lara burke

We love a bit of a sticky into other people's homes (heck, we wrote a whole book about it), and there's something we especially love about proper, lived-in, real-life people's pads that are still a bit messy and homely, rather than super-slick and styled perfecto houses.

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