struffoli recipe

9:00am Friday, 04 May. by jo walker

Is this an American thing or have we been living under a rock marked 'Do not feed with exotic Mediterranean-style pudding'? Either way, we are ready to embrace both the yumminess and cuteness of this struffoli recipe.

honey bunny cupcakes

3:00pm Friday, 06 Apr. by georgia frances king

It's the long weekend, which means you have not one, not two, but four days to bake. We know that today you should traditionally be stuffing your gob full of a baker's dozen of hot cross buns, but maybe you could make these to scoff tomorrow.

conscious chocolate

9:00am Thursday, 22 Mar. by georgia frances king

Conscious Chocolate is like the delicious jack-of-all-trades in the confectionery world. It's nifty for those with food intolerances, as it's basically free of everything - no dairy, no gluten and no soy. Just full of awesome.

hot chocolate on a stick

3:00pm Wednesday, 14 Mar. by jo walker

IT'S HOT CHOCOLATE. ON A STICK. YOU JUST STIR IT IN. AND YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN. That's all we need to say about this. We're going to go and calm down now.

chinese takeaway cupcakes

3:00pm Thursday, 08 Mar. by georgia frances king

Hear us out: what looks like pork lo mein and friend rice are actually delicious bakery goods ready to pop in your mouth. Minus the MSG dreams.

the sandwich cake

3:00pm Thursday, 16 Feb. by jo walker

This could possibly be the most pant-wettingly exciting culinary discovery of modern times. Ladies and gentlemen, may we present ... the sandwich cake.

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