The Norwegian snapper talks through her favourite types of shots, the beauty of natural light and the importance of exercising creative restraint.


3:00pm Thursday, 21 May.

Nikon have gone and done something so wonderful, we’ve got half a mind to track them down with a thank you card and a firm handshake.

abandoned love

9:00am Thursday, 21 May.

A flick through this photo series by Georgia-based snapper Peyton Fulford makes us a feel a bit stickybeak-y, or like we’ve just secretly thumbed through someone’s diary.

days of deutsch

3:00pm Monday, 18 May.

This handy website teaches you a German word a day with the help of a series of carefully crafted (and easy-on-the-eye) snaps.

independent photography festival

3:00pm Friday, 15 May.

Shutterbugs, photo fans, lend us your ears: the annual Independent Photography Festival is back in 2015, and this time it’s going global. Hopefully, anyway.

lonely houses

9:00am Thursday, 14 May.

Sejkko's photography series Lonely Houses makes us smile, then sniffle a little, then want to hotfoot it to the airport, stat.

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