tunesday - laura marling interview and giveaway

There are plenty of words to describe Laura Marling – soulful, gifted and bloomin' marvellous come to mind – but one thing she isn't is idle. The folk singer-songwriter is due to release her fifth album in just seven years, Short Movie, in a few days time, and she's managed to keep our toes tapping and heads nodding ever since day one.

To get you in the mood for a little more Laura in your life, we threw a few questions at the tuneful English lass.

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First time you played a gig? In 2006, at a football club bar with Jamie T.

Last time you read a good book? Only read a book if it's good! Non-fiction is my kick these days - Culture and The Death of God by Terry Eagleton has been the most recent mind-bender.

First time you had a crush on someone? It was Captain Von Trapp from the Sound of Music. This is also my first memory.

Last time you did something creative that wasn't music? I draw every day instead of writing in a diary.

First time you fell in love with an album? The Best of Al Green will teach you everything you need to know about love.

Last time you felt a bit glamorous? It's a steady constant.

Last time you gave some really good advice? "Only read a book if it's good!"

Like what you hear? We have five copies of Short Movie to give away. To enter, just email us your name and address here, and let us know which movie Laura's tunes would make the perfect soundtrack to.

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