tunesday - avaberee world premiere

3:00pm Tuesday, 24 Mar.

Every so often we get to introduce you to an artist that gives us excited tingles – the kind that come from the knowledge that this clever thing is really going places.

To get you in the mood for a little more Laura in your life, we threw a few questions at the tuneful English lass.

tunesday - the twoks new tunes

4:00pm Tuesday, 10 Mar.

These new tunes from the Twoks will leave no toes untapped, heads unbobbed or hips unswung.

tunesday - dick diver's new tunes

4:00pm Tuesday, 03 Mar.

The local lads and lass may err on the side of oddball, but that's precisely why we think they're tip-top.

tunesday - the april maze

4:00pm Tuesday, 24 Feb.

No matter which corner of Australia you're curled up in today – or of the world, for that matter – we recommend giving these new tunes from The April Maze a whirl.

tunesday - kitty, daisy and lewis

4:00pm Tuesday, 10 Feb.

It's often said that bad things come in threes, but we beg to differ.

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