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Every so often we come across a shop that really gets us. We have the same taste in knickknacks, giggle at all the same things, and sometimes even find ourselves looking like two peas in a whimsical pod. Lunar Store is one such retail space, chockas with all our favourite brands on its sleek wooden shelves. And as it turns out, its digital shelving, too. The sweet Melbourne store has just recently jumped online, making it easier than ever to nab a pineapple-shaped lamp, pinstriped backpack or some smile-inducing socks from the comfort of your couch. Woohoo!

To celebrate their new digital digs, we've got a pair of online gift vouchers to give away. If you fancy being one of the lucky folks to get your hands on this excellent prize, simply email us here with your name and address, and tell us which of their products really catches your eye.

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