There’s one main thing we have in common with magpies: an instinctive tendency to be drawn towards all manner of shiny things.

scottie store linen bedding

3:00pm Thursday, 23 Jul.

There may be just one thing better than the feeling of hopping into fresh bed sheets, and that’s slipping into a set that’s been worn in just right.

pineapple rug pattern

9:00am Sunday, 12 Jul.

Who knew wrapping yourself in a giant prickly fruit could feel so good?

yen yen lo clay bells

3:00pm Monday, 06 Jul.

Ring-a-ding-ding, frankie friends. If you’re anything like us, you’ll quite fancy the look of these handcrafted bells by Melbourne ceramicist Yen Yen Lo.

It’s impossible to view anything from Maker & Merchant without diving in and wrapping yourself up like a cottony patterned burrito.

stuff mondays - pili pala pears

9:00am Monday, 22 Jun.

Fancy a pair of pears to pretty up your mantel? How about a trio, just for luck?

oh hello there!

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