best friends for frosting

by georgia frances king

If you're planning a New Year's get-together, picnic, or if you're going to be sitting alone at home with a couple of cups of flour, sugar, and vanilla essence, then you should check out this blog. It collates all of the best bakery blogs from kitchens around the world and we feel spoiled for choice. We featured their chocolate party spoons a few months ago, but you really should browse through the other wares that they have found from the depths of the interwebs: heart shaped marshmallows, salted caramel brownies, champagne cupcakes, cherry cheesecake cookies... The pink velvet roulade on the left is by Sprinkle Bakes and the red velvet brownies are by Smells Like Home - two of the many blogs that are featured. Best Friends For Frosting is the icing to our cake.

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