forum giveaway

by georgia frances king

If you've ever sunk cross-legged into a pile of clothes, defeated by your brain's own inability to coordinate itself, a quick peep through will get your juices flowing again. It's an online hub for people posting an outfit they reckon looks rad: you can search by the most hyped images, latest snaps or even upload your own if you like (we've noticed a lack of Aussie gals on there lately, which makes no sense as we're clearly the most proportionally awesome nation).

As part of Portable's nifty series of creative talks (they've previously provided words of wisdom from Susie Bubble and Frank Chimero) they're bringing out the founders of to fill your mind with awesomeness. Yuri Lee and Andy Chen will be speaking in Brisbane on November 27th, Sydney on the 29th and Melbourne on the 30th, plus a little networking event will follow.

We've organised a spesh frankie discount if you want to head along: just enter the code FRANKIELOVE at the checkout to get 20% off. Just click here if you want to come along.

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