long lists: mittens

10:00am Friday, 07 Jul.

Frostbitten friends: we’ve searched high and low for the loveliest mittens in all the land.

the ode to bill jumper

10:00am Sunday, 02 Jul.

We suspect Penny Sage’s Ode to Bill jumper isn’t an ode to Bill Murray, but we can dream, can’t we?

katie jones knitwear

10:00am Thursday, 22 Jun.

Katie Jones makes woollies that are adorable in a pretty un-subtle way.

Dear Naomi Murrell, please clothe us in everything from your latest collection. Thank you kindly.

ohizhe jewellery

10:00am Sunday, 11 Jun.

Adorn your earlobes with these tiny artworks made from recycled scrap plywood.

If monochrome threads tickle your fancy, then you might like to check out the latest duds from this Melbourne label.

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