i love mr mittens

9:00am Wednesday, 29 Jun.

If the winter wind has turned you into a human ice cube, you might fancy snuggling into these extra-comfy hand-knit threads.

We’ve got some real lil bow-wows to give away.

stuff mondays - thunderpants

3:00pm Monday, 20 Jun.

Fact: when your bum’s tucked into a comfy pair of dacks, you’re generally a nicer person.

caitlin she's new lookbook

3:00pm Thursday, 16 Jun.

Some lovely new threads from a lovely local lass.

all my plants are dead tote

3:00pm Sunday, 12 Jun.

We may excel at tasks like quoting ’90s flicks and making inanimate objects out of felt, but maintaining small, innocent trees is something we majorly suck at.

Handmade, hand-painted and just the right size to hold all your important bits and bobs.

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