the six stitch kit

by georgia frances king

A few mornings ago we were on our way to the office, wearing our vintage woollen gloves to ward off the chilly weather, and battling with our phones as we tried (unsuccessfully) to tap messages. Gloves and modern technology definitely are not friends. We wish there was a way we could type without freezing our fingers.

Enter The 6 Stitch Kit. Invented by Nicholas Tys, this is a super simple way to make your gloves techno-friendly. All it takes is six stitches of a super special string, and you're done! It may sound incredibly simple, but it actually took Nick months and a garage full of thread spools to find the right material that conducts your body's natural electrical current. Seriously cool, while keeping your hands seriously warm.

Plus, the packs are only $9 each, and one dollar from every kit sold also gets donated to Doctors Without Borders. Sweet. You can nab your kit and find out more here.

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